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WIPocalypse Check-In: Summer 2018

*cough* It’s, uh, been awhile. *grins sheepishly* Yeah, I’m unsure what happened. Laziness? Forgetfulness? Would rather stitch than write? Probably some monster conglomeration of the three and then some. Regardless, here we are. No time like the present to get moving again.

Prompt for Monthly Discussion

Which is more satisfying to you and why – the process of stitching a piece, or the finish?

This is tough because I am a self-proclaimed process stitcher. But, man, do I love the finish line. And I have become more and more motivated towards finishing things as time goes on. I also find myself verging on manic and obsessive when I get close to the finish of something. Surely, one can both. If that is the case, I must be at least 75% process focused because I have so many WIPs, and so many of those are going to be long term.

Stitching Recap

Let’s get on with the recap. This is going to be a photo recap only, then I’ll get back on track with words and things for the September update.

The Reader by Joan Elliott – finished 30 May 2018

Afternoon in New York by Country Cottage Needleworks – finished 26 June 2018

Rose Fairy by Joan Elliott

The Lady of the Flag by Mirabilia

Flower of the Month by Ellen Maurer-Stroh

In This Moment by Heaven and Earth Designs, artwork by Jeremiah Ketner

Goals for September 2018

Moving forward, I have pared down the number of projects I’m focusing on for the rest of the year. As such, you’ll only see four projects for these updates: In This Moment (HAED), Lady of the Flag (Mirabilia), Opus II (Long Dog Samplers), and Flower of the Month (Ellen Maurer-Stroh). The first two of the aforementioned will be focus pieces in September.


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