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WIPocalypse Check-In: May

We don’t know them all, but we owe them all. Honoring those who gave their lives in service of our nation on this Memorial Day.

Just a few days to go until the end of May, and the back half of the year peaks around the corner. Wow! May was such a fabulous month. Between really sinking my teeth into a project and seeing some outstanding progress, to celebrating all of the birthdays and holidays and graduations, and finally to the Flosstube Retreat in New Jersey, which I can honestly claim will be among my most cherished memories of the year. June is a great month, too, so let’s see what happens.

Prompt for Monthly Discussion

Where do you love to shop for stash?

Honestly, if you had asked me this two weeks ago – would be a no-brainer answer. I love that they serge the fabric, carry just about everything (not always, but usually) and they’re quick. However, as has been mentioned by at least one other WIPocalypse participant, Needleworker’s Delight in Metuchen New Jersey is LOVE. They really pulled out all of the stops for us for the retreat with several trunk shows, offerings of dyeing fabrics to order, and just the most inviting atmosphere. They are the source for Silkweaver fabrics as well as the US distributor for Zweigart. I was in stitchy heaven. However, being my first trip to a true LNS, I was shell-shocked. There isn’t a better description for it: I just walked around with my jaw slacked and bug eyes. I left with one pattern but could have easily refinanced my house and car to hand over in exchange (exaggerating… mostly). Truly, a remarkable shop and one I hope to visit again in the future.

Stitching Recap

When last you saw me, I was discussing heading into May with a very different approach than I have in years past. But before the month of April finally came to a close, more time was devoted to my Lady of the Flag by Mirabilia, so I figure I should share that here.  I made a good little bit of progress towards the June portion of my goal which pleases me greatly.

After that, starting on May 1st, I’ve been busily working on The Reader by Joan Elliott. My plan was to only work on this for fifteen days, thinking that would be challenge enough. Here we are on the 28th day and I have yet to put her down. There was one day that I didn’t stitch at all, but otherwise, it’s been all this one heroine in my life. I am now in the final stretch to the finish – I have just the final details of beads, backstitch, and a fair few yards of metallics left to put in.

As previously mentioned, going about this was meant as an experiment. I became absolutely enraptured with this project, as I have since I started it just shy of two years ago. So spending a large chunk of time on it has been a joy. Also, getting this rather large project to the finish line feels really good, too. As such, I may be adopting this focus-to-a-finish approach. Time will tell if this was so successful because of my change of philosophy, or because of my love for this piece, specifically.

Moving into June, I have a lot of ideas about what I want to work on, but nothing truly concrete. I suppose we’ll find out the results together!


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