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WIPocalypse Check-In: April

Another month gone, a third of the year in the rearview. Wow! April was a particularly spectacular month for me, personally. I celebrated my 30th birthday, spent a lot of time with friends and family, and, of course, stitched like there was no tomorrow. ^_^ Let’s get on with the update, then, shall we?

Prompt for Monthly Discussion

Talk to us about your longest-running WIP or UFO.

My longest-running WIP is Rose Fairy by Joan Elliott. I started this piece in 2014, and, by comparison, four years a WIP may not seem like much. However, I only began stitching just a year before, so this has been on-going for 80% of my “stitching career”. There are a multitude of reasons why, but there are two primary. First, I started this project for my step-dad’s then-girlfriend/fiancee (my family is weird, I know). Shortly after I began the stitching on this piece, they broke up, he went through what must have been a mid-life crisis, and moved across country when my siblings and I needed him around most. As such, you can imagine that the allure of the project dramatically dropped. The other reason for it’s languishing status is more simple: I tend to suffer from stitcher’s ADD on occasion and all of the Pretty Shiny New Things draw my attention. This was naturally exacerbated by the first reason.

I have found new purpose with the design and the project. As such, it’s one of my top priorities for finishing this year, despite the fact that I haven’t worked on it yet in 2018.

Stitching Recap

When last we spoke, I mentioned possibly pulling out Lady of the Flag by Mirabilia for the last few days of March. Well, that did not happen. After finishing two pages in 9 days of a non-WIPocalypse full coverage piece, I chose something that would be a quick finish (with the help of a few friends and their influence). The project in question was April’s Daisy by Cottage Garden Samplings. I finished this in the very early morning hours of April 1st and it’s my third finish of the year, thus far!

Because April is my birthday month, I made it my month of indulgences: in other words, I was going to work on whatever I wanted, make new starts if I chose, and stitch to my heart’s content. Originally, for a particular SAL through a Facebook group, I was going to work on the Jingles collection by Lizzie*Kate. But I wasn’t really feeling the Wichelt linen, or the Christmas themed design. So I switched to Opus II by Long Dog Samplers. Over the next six days, I rekindled my love for this piece. Putting it down was hard, but I felt like moving to something else. Regardless, I’m super pleased with the resulting progress made.

Following that, I worked on a couple of non-WIPocalypse pieces before deciding I needed at least a little full-coverage stitching during my month of indulgences. I went with the one that hasn’t seen the light of day for a very long time: Mini Pirate by Heaven and Earth Designs, artwork by Sabine Rich. I also worked on this alongside another pirate stitcher who lives halfway across the globe from me. We gave our respective projects a few days and I’m pleased with the progress. It was enough to reach my month-end goal.

Throughout the month, I’ve worked a total of nine days on one of my favorite WIPs, my leading-lady: Lady of the Flag by Mirabilia. Previously, I mentioned trying to finish the top half a full month ahead of schedule. That was not to be, but I have accomplished it now. Not only that, but I have also accomplished my May goal. This is a great step forward because there is still a lot of stitching left to do. Enough that I have really had to rethink my approach this year and I may become more of a monogamous stitcher. We’ll see.

In total, I worked on seven projects this month, four of which were related to WIPocalypse. That’s pretty great, all told. As aforementioned, my rotation may be changing so there may be fewer projects in updates to come, but more significant progress.

Being that may is just a couple days away, there is a lot of conversation regarding Stitch Maynia, the start-it-all event that is sweeping the social media stitching community. I have chosen to go a different route, but still well outside my comfort zone: 15 straight days on one project. Follow the hashtag on Instagram: #monogamaynia to see my progress as well as others.


One thought on “WIPocalypse Check-In: April

  1. Love your progress, and i hate to admit it, but I have UFO/WIP older than you 🙂 I love your Opus II design, at times I love doing something with one color.


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