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WIPocalypse Check-In: March

What is this? Is Jessie really posting her WIPocalypse update on the scheduled day? Say it isn’t so! Well, it is. Surprise! I figured since I missed February (well, not totally, but I just posted it on Friday O.o), I’d best get back on track. I know that hitting the correct day isn’t an all-or-nothing requirement, but I still like to be punctual, when I can. Anywho, let’s get with the question!

Prompt for Monthly Discussion

What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend?

Oh, this is a good one. Designers is tough for me because I can’t say that new-on-the-scene designers are really jumping out at me. I find myself looking at patterns from more seasoned designers, and most often, those that have retired and therefore, their patterns are now difficult or spendy to find. Le sigh. Product creators on the other hand, I do have a couple of which I’ve become a huge fan. First is xJuDesign fabrics (and floss, trim, etc.) on Etsy, hand-dyed in Hungary, incredibly reasonable, fast, and the fabrics have the best smell. Secondly, Colour & Cotton, specifically Angela’s monthly cotton threads. Her color palettes are just absolutely swoon-worthy.

Stitching Recap

When I spoke to you last, I was working on Lady of the Flag by Mirabilia. As I mentioned in the February update post, I turned my rotation upside down for the month of March – instead of working on my HAEDs on the weekends, I chose to work on several different Mirabilia designs on the weekends for a pseudo-Mirabilia March Madness.

Lady of the Flag has gotten six days work and I’m really pleased with the progress. My goal for the month was the middle third “chunk”, if you will, of ~34 blocks in this top half. I have easily accomplished that goal, and even worked the flag down into the bottom half of the design! With the goal of having this project done before the end of the year, I set the timeline of having the top half stitched (not yet the Kreinik or beads) by the end of April, to then focus on the bottom half until November, with a final push to the finish in December. I’m well ahead of schedule and have no signs of slowing down.

The week following the first Lady of the Flag weekend, I devoted to In This Moment by Jeremiah Ketner for HAED. As you’ll see, this “devotion” didn’t last long and I know the culprit: I pushed really hard to finish page 2 in early February, and subsequently absolutely lost all interest in full coverage stitching. So, after working a shocking fewer than 160 stitches, I put the full coverage pieces away until the bug hit again. (I can now report that my full coverage itch is returned and I’ll try not to risk it so freely in the future.)

After that abysmal showing, I changed course and worked on another yearly focus piece to completion, though it’s not included in my WIPocalypse. Expect to see a blog post about that excellent finish later this week! Then, the next weekend was upon me and I put four days into my oldest Mirabilia, The Raven Queen. Stitching for this period of time was sketchy at best so the progress isn’t as much as I would have liked, but I met my 1200 stitch count goal.

And that’s all of the stitching I’ve done for WIPocalypse pieces so far this month. I have to say that I’m not rotation stitching for the time being. I’m sort of choosing as my mood suites me, and that’s equal parts liberating and terrifying. For the remainder of March, I can’t really say for certain what I’ll work on, though I’m fairly confident that Lady of the Flag will come out for the last weekend – I would really like to see the top half complete a full month before my timeline.

My already decided April goals are as follows:

  • Jingles by Lizzie Kate – complete next three parts
  • Lady of the Flag by Mirabilia – 1800+ stitches
  • In This Moment – 1200+ stitches



One thought on “WIPocalypse Check-In: March

  1. Love your Mira weekends! The same thing happens to me when I push too hard. But in this moment looks like a perfect piece for April, just saying.


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