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New(-ish) Start: Snow Castle

Snow Castle
Click for larger view.

Remember when I talked about all the things I started New Year’s Day? Well there was something I started more than a week before! Let’s start with the details:

  • Snow Castle by Heaven and Earth Designs, artwork by Randal Spangler
  • Fabric is 25 count Easy Count Lugana by Zweigart
  • Stitch count is 200 x 630
  • Threads are the called-for DMC threads (88 colors)
  • Method: 1 over 1, full cross
  • Started December 21, 2017

See that start date? December 21st. Ridiculous, Jess. This is so last year. You should have blogged about this like forever ago… *realizes she’s talking through the feels in front of an audience* Oh. Hi. Didn’t know you could see this. ; )

I started Snow Castle with the Full Coverage Fanatics group on Facebook for the Quarterly Seasonal SAL for Winter. Being that there’s titular snow in this one, it totally fits without me having to tell too much of a story.

This was the fourth HAED I’d started in the year 2017, which is extraordinary, and more than a little off-putting, if I’m honest. Not to mention the fact that I like my HAEDs large and in charge, i.e., rarely do I start a mini these days. While I love everything I’ve started this year, those other HAEDs, in particular, saw very little progress. Combined, I had a total of ~1700 stitches done of the total 613,350 (not at all an exaggeration) across three designs. I won’t even do the percentages tab on that one because it’s kind of disheartening.

This leads me to my goal for starting Snow Castle. I gave this project three days to get it started, and I wanted to end those three days with more stitches in this project than the rest of my 2017 HAED starts combined. I’m happy to say I was successful, and managed 1800 stitches. This was easily done, I’ll admit, because the top row of pages is mostly comprised of three colors, with a few blips here and there. In the pictures to follow, for the most part, you can barely even tell the difference or see what you’re meant to be seeing.

Each of the pictures was taken at the end of a rotation or a milestone reached. Hover over each picture of the accompanying date.

Page 1 completed, camera tilted at an angle so you can see the colors a little more clearly.

Since that starting weekend, I’ve worked on this for three additional three-day rotations. As I’ve said previously, weekends are for HAEDs in a prescribed manor that allows me to work on the SALs, as and when I see fit. This project qualified for the FCF group January Monthly SAL (Fantasy) and it qualifies for the three month Quarterly SALs Elemental – Air and Seasonal – Winter.

So, I have a guaranteed 12 more days with this project in the first quarter of 2018, and I’m setting my expectations high. I would really very much like to finish the top row of pages before putting the project to bed for awhile. That’s essentially the rest of this second page, and the half-page that is the third. It’s not a wide project at all! I average about a page per 12 days so I’m going to have to really focus when I have opportunity to see that goal met. Wish me luck!


One thought on “New(-ish) Start: Snow Castle

  1. HI Jessie! Finally got over to your blog. I enjoyed reading you’re posts. Your writing is just like your flosstube video’s. You made me laugh and put all the information I could possibly want to know. I look forward to following you here along with flosstube, Instagram and various Facebook groups. Ok now I sound like a stalker. Give Thor kisses and pets from me.


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