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WIPocalypse Check-In: January

A month is gone? When did that happen? Why didn’t anybody seek my approval before permission was granted for time to fly so quickly? I’m just kidding. I only think that highly of myself on very rare occasions.

But in all seriousness, we’re here at the end of the month and a day “late” to update WIPocalypse progress for January. I know the typical format is to start with the stitching progress, and end with the prompt. However, I choose to rebel and switch things up.

Monthly Prompt

What SAL’s are you participating in this year? and If you are participating in the Olympic Stitching Challenge, what challenge are you accepting?  What are your goals?

As far as group stitch-a-longs, I’m participating in WIPocalypse, most obviously. Similarly, I’m participating in the Year of WIPs Challenge hosted by Soulful Stitching (group) on Facebook. It’s a similar concept and I’m certain I mentioned such in my intro to WIPocalypse post. I’m also very much involved in the Full Coverage Fanatics group on Facebook and there are several challenges taking place there.

Mystery SALs, on the other hand, are a no-go for me this year. 2017 was the Year of the Mystery SAL it seemed – practically every major designer (and some new on the scene designers, too!) had a mystery SAL last year. I’m, more or less, doing my own thing this year.

Finally, I will not be participating in the Olympic Stitching Challenge. Stitch Maynia has their own Winter Olympics challenge and I’ll be partaking in that one to celebrate the games.

Stitching Recap

Due to the fact that my projects chosen for WIPocalypse are in fact the same as those I chose for Year of WIPs (henceforth, YOW), I made great stitching progress this month, but couldn’t work on these specified projects until after the 18th of the month when YOW kicked off. This was not a hard and fast rule for YOW, but I made the decision at the end of the calendar year 2017, to wait to progress until after that date.

As such, I’ve worked on exactly two of my projects.

First up, was Lady of the Flag by Mirabilia. She got four days devoted attention this month. I had set the goal to finish her skin, essentially both arms and any of the stitching above. As I am doing the skin 1 over 1, this was quite the undertaking, and proved to be too much. Beyond that being a lot of tiny stitches, those roses are a little taste of confetti, and I was also plagued with a migraine for most of the week. She will come back out for these last few days of January to hopefully see that small goal accomplished, and I’ll report back for my February update.


Next, was In This Moment, artwork by Jeremiah Ketner, chart designed by Heaven and Earth Designs (henceforth, HAED(s)). As a product of my stitching time available on the weekends (i.e., bigger, longer chunks of dedicated available time), I have made my Friday through Sunday full coverage weekends. I have them scheduled out according to the SALs and challenges with Full Coverage Fanatics. This weekend, beginning January 26th, was dedicated to In This Moment. I’ve stitched a good little bit today, but as this check-in was technically due yesterday, I’ll share what I managed through yesterday.

This equates to about 1200 stitches, give or take a few for feathering, etc. That’s a really great number… if you’re not me. Last weekend, on a different project, I managed an easy 1500 stitches in one day. These 1200 on In This Moment have been hard fought. The primary difference is that this project has more than a fair share of confetti, whereas the other is largely just two or three colors. There is also the fact that this fabric is not pre-gridded, and apparently in 2016 when I last worked on this, I only gridded half of the second page. Current-me is shaking her fist at past-me. I’m not complaining, necessarily. It’s simply that I have big goals for stitching this year, and I need to get on them.


Now that all of my challenges and SALs are officially underway, you can expect to see more projects in upcoming updates. Hopefully, that means more pictures and focused effort, and less of that ramble-filled gobbledygook wordiness from me.


3 thoughts on “WIPocalypse Check-In: January

  1. I love your Mira, and love the your challenge of getting all of the over one on the skin done. I have a L&L that I’m struggling to get the over one done. Maybe I’ll make that my challenge for the Olympic stitching challenge,. Love your HAED as well


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